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What Do We Do?

At BehaveAtlanta, we are all about creating a language that works between you and your pet so that you can live the kind of life that is fulfilling to you both! By teaching you to understand behavior and communicative signals, we help ensure that you can interpret your pet’s wants and needs, both as a species and individual You will be able to teach new things, encourage good behavior, set firm boundaries, and be the safe place for your pet.

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How Do We Do It?

Historically, training has been based on the negative - you let your pet know when they do something wrong and you punish them for it.  Positive reinforcement training accentuates the positive - you let your pet know when she is doing things right and reward her for it, using a system that motivates her to do more and more of the right behavior. It builds a foundation of trust and communication rather than fear and uncertainty.  Mark/reward training offers a way to teach your pet human rules without threat and punishment, instead making it fun, rewarding, and motivating.