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At BehaveAtlanta, training is about creating a language that works between you and your pet so that you can get the most out of your relationship. We will help you decode basic behaviors so you can finally understand what your pet is trying to tell you, and vice versa. We hope to teach you the communication and training skills you need to create a life that’s stress free and fulfilling for all members of the household.


Our Services

We offer a behavior consultations and follow up training plans tailored to your goals and your schedule. Training can be based on specific behavioral issues or basic obedience. We can even help with specific skills like restaurant manners!

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Our Philosophy

We focus on the wellbeing of both our clients and their pets using positive reinforcement based training, and scientifically backed practices. Our goal is to improve the bond between you and your pet through improved communication.

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Our Clients

We work primarily with cats and dogs. We help with everything from preparing for a new puppy/kitten, to specific behavioral concerns. We are based in the Atlanta area, but can serve other areas for a charge.

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Dog People

Whether you have a new dog and want to start on the right paw, or you have a specific behavioral concern about your canine roommate, we are here to help sort things out!


You bring the treats, we bring the tricks! (don’t worry, we will also bring treats).


Cat People

Does your cat find your carpet more appealing than it’s litterbox? Have they taken it upon themselves to launch sneak attacks on your ankles every morning? We are here to help your cat teach you to be a better roommate :).